Platinum Design | Residential | Commercial

Our sister company specializes in innovative, creative design solutions for home and small business throughout Alexandria, Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland

A sister company to platinum Handyman, is platinum design, providing innovative residential and commercial design solutions in Old a Town Alexandria, Northern Virginia, Arlington and beyond since 2015

Our acclaimed design team take you through the steps from creating through procurement and eventually to execution.

Our designs often combine elements of historic, modern, and traditional, and offer bold solutions based on the particular situation.

Although much of our design work has been in historic homes focused in Old Town Alexandria, we will work throughout northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

Unique residential and commercial building design

Our design firm is not like the rest. We study the building. It’s neighborhood, surrounding, history and bring together its character and your needs into a beautiful, unique, and affordable design concept for your residential or commercial building.

Whether paying homage to the first African American Doctors office in Alexandria, or streamlining and highlighting the less seedy parts of an early 20ty century brothel, we embrace the past and project your image.